There is this word in Ancient Greece “τέχνη” (techně) which is often translated as “art”. “Techně” implied a mastery in any production process; in addition, “techně”, is also the root of “technology”.

Aldo Williams has been passionate about world-changing technological innovations from an early age and immediately experienced an unconventional use of new electronic technologies combined with other forms of expression.

He started to develop his path in the 1980s, when he was just fifteen years old, programming and publishing his first video games.
At the beginning of the 1990s he continued his career first as an editor for the first videogames magazines in Italy, as a host of pioneering television broadcasts dedicated to the world of videogames and eventually as the creator of the first multimedia cd-rom projects.
Over time, he became more and more aware that his passion for great digital achievements was nothing more than the appreciation of what is, to all intents and purposes, a new artistic expression that is beginning to be increasingly known and valued.

This approach led Williams to further experimentation in the forms of digital art, either completely generated by computers through algorithms, as for fractals, or taken from other sources, such as scanning a photograph or an image. These latter were drawn and processed with the help of a software producing images that cannot be obtained through conventional photographic tools.

Over the years Williams never abandoned the world of Computer Science where he has held various roles founding several start-ups operating in the web and new technologies, but above all, he has produced a vast and creative library of digital works characterized by the original irony that has always been his trademark.